Do you know which healthy ingredients are hiding underneath the skin of this small deep purple fruit?

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The term “superfood” has been given to so many berries and vegetables now, that it’s almost lost its meaning, but that’s exactly what the Aronia berry is. While the berries have been used in Native American medicine for hundreds of years, scientists are only now studying what benefits it has for our health, and their findings are extremely positive.

Ripe Aronia Berries on Aronia plant


As the Aronia fruit has such a holistic and natural effect on health and well-being it is also often known as a "superberry". Thousands of people have, by now, discovered this berry and the effect of its exceptional substances.

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Who is Aronia ORIGINAL? How are the products produced and how do we ensure the high quality of our berries? Since 2008, your trust in the quality of our products counts for us. Here you will find the guiding principles and the company motto.

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Aronia plant with chokeberries and red leafs in fall


Aronia melanocarpa or black chokeberry is a multi-stemmed, deciduous, eastern North American shrub. Each mature plant produces an abundance of white flowers in midspring, but you won’t see fruit until autumn. The berries are so dark purple that they appear almost black.

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What are Aronia Berries?

Aronia fruits grow in North America in small bunches, much like blackcurrants, blueberries, and cranberries, but have earned the nicknames “apple berries” and “chokeberries” because they look more like stone fruit inside. There are two forms of chokeberry plants (Aronia melanocarpa); red and blue, though the blue is most common, and has the same blue-black shade of a blackberry. The fruits are about the same size as a blueberry, have a similar sharp taste to blackcurrants, and only contain 13 calories per 28g (fresh).

Traditionally, Native Americans used Aronia berries as a cold remedy, and likely found them an effective cure due to the berries’ richness in antioxidants, and current studies are showing that they have wide-spread health benefits.

Aronia ORIGINAL Demeter organic Aronia berry tea distributed by J&J Aronia in Canada
Demeter Aronia Berry Fruit Tea (150g)

For our Demeter fruit tea are processed over 2,400 fresh berries. The close-to-nature, sustainable and holistic philosophy of biodynamic agriculture according to Demeter and our expertise guarantees top-class berries.

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Aronia ORIGINAL Demeter organic Aronia berry powder distributed by J&J Aronia in Canada
Demeter Aronia Berry Powder (100g)

In our Berry powder were processed over 1,600 fresh berries in high quality. The close-to-nature, sustainable and holistic philosophy of biodynamic agriculture according to Demeter and our expertise guarantee top-class berries.

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Aronia ORIGINAL organic Aronia berry juice distributed by J&J Aronia in Canada
Organic Aronia Juice 100% Pure (350mL)

With our organic Aronia juice, you experience the taste of sun-ripened chokeberries from 100% German cultivation. The fruity-tart juice comes from the first pressing and contains no additives such as preservatives, colours and flavourings.

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Aronia ORIGINAL organic dried Aronia berries distributed by J&J Aronia in Canada
Organic Aronia Berries Dried (200g)

Our organic chokeberries are gently dried immediately after harvest; you get the full taste of sun-ripened fruits. They are versatile and ideal for baking, muesli or pure snacking.

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