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Our organic Aronia berries come from strictly controlled, organic agriculture. Of course, it is GMO-free, laboratory-tested and certified.


Very high content of valuable secondary plant pigments (anthocyanins) and polyphenols!


NO additives, preservatives, flavors or added sugar! More than 5,000 Aronia Berries in one juice box.


NFC (Not From Concentrate) pure juice from the first pressing. Vacuum packed in a flexible, high oxygen barrier bag and protected from light in a cardboard box (juice stays fresh and tasty for up to three months even when opened without refrigeration).


Aronia berries contain Vitamin A, B, C, E, K and valuable Potassium, Zinc, Iron and Manganese!

Ingredients: 100% Aronia juice*
*from controlled organic cultivation. Made in Germany.

Recommendation: We recommend taking 100 ml Aronia juice each day after the meal: either pure or mixed with water for a delicious fruity and thirst-quenching juice spritzer. In addition, the juice can be used as a base for delicious smoothies, sweet sauces or as a fruity component in savory foods.

Tip: Only store and empty the opened juice pack upright. Use up any remaining quantities by tipping slightly.