Organic Aronia Juice 23.7 Fl Oz (700 ml)

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✓ High in antioxidants

Our organic Aronia berry juice is loaded with antioxidants. Aronia juice contains a high amount of valuable secondary plant pigments (anthocyanins) and polyphenols which have anti-inflammatory properties.

✓ Tested premium organic quality

Our Aronia ORIGINAL products are certified organic. All of our products are from strictly controlled, organic agriculture, and are GMO-free, laboratory-tested, and certified.

✓ 100% natural aronia juice

Our Aronia Juice contains no additives, preservatives, flavors, or added sugar! Our Aronia Berries are sustainably sourced, and our juice is gluten free and non-GMO.

✓ High-quality Aronia berry fruit juice

Our Aronia ORIGINAL juice is the real deal when it comes to superior quality. It is pure juice from the first pressing and is not from concentrate.


Organic Aronia Juice 23.7 Fl Oz (700 ml)

How to use

We recommend taking 100 ml of Aronia ORIGINAL Organic Aronia Juice each day after the meal. You can drink it pure or mixed with water for a deliciously fruity and thirst-quenching juice spritzer. Our Aronia berries are pressed only once. That helps our juices taste intense and retain the fullness of their natural ingredients. Store in the refrigerator after opening and use within ten days.

Versatile Aronia berry juice

You can use this Aronia ORIGINAL Organic Aronia Juice by simply adding it to water to make a tasty juice or tea. When added to your favorite baked goods recipes, smoothies, or shakes, it is also great for a powerful superfood boost to the mind and body. Did you know that you can use Aronia juice as a base for sweet sauces, delicious smoothies, or a fruity component in savory foods? Now you know.

Ingredients: 100% Aronia juice *
*from controlled organic cultivation. Made in Germany.

Recommendation: We recommend taking 100 ml Aronia juice each day after the meal: either pure or mixed with water for a delicious fruity and thirst-quenching juice spritzer. In addition, the juice can be used as a base for delicious smoothies, sweet sauces or as a fruity component in savory foods.

Customer Reviews

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Good product, right price and handy good looking containers (fancy glass bottles suitable for gifts)


I like this product. Thumbs up!

Sandra Herman

Excellent service and an excellent product.

Megan W.

I went through breast cancer 5 years ago. I was only sick once throughout that year. I would take a shot in the morning and a shot at night of Aronian berry juice. So, I ask my oncologist why do I keep getting sick 5 years later…. Flu, GI BUG… etc . I am a nurse! I never got sick. My immune system is strong! She said because you have two kids in school. I didn’t like that answer so I went back to what I did prior. I now take two shots a day again. I haven’t been sick since the summer. It is now Feb 16. The farm I purchase from is closed for Jan and Feb, therefore I came across this farm. I bought strait from the farm. The juice taste smooth and tart just as it is suppose to . The delivery was fast! Very please . Thank you!

Keng L.

Woohoo! The best Organic Juice!