Anti-inflammatory Mango Pineapple Aronia Berry Smoothie

Anti-inflammatory Mango, Pineapple and Aronia Smoothie


anti-inflammatory mango aronia berry smoothie
  • 1 cup of frozen mango
  • 1 cup pineapple
  • 100 ml Aronia berry juice
  • 200 ml coconut water
  • ½ inch piece of ginger

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When you think of inflammation, your brain may jump to the classic surface level swelling and redness that we so often see after injury. However, there is much more to inflammation than the external signs and symptoms that can often play havoc with your immune system. Thankfully there are some simple ways to introduce anti-inflammatory foods into your diet, such as this mango, pineapple, and Aronia berry smoothie.

Our easy anti-inflammatory smoothie can be prepped and made in minutes, all you need is a blender to whizz together our health-boosting ingredients!

  1. Add all of your ingredients to your blender.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Why Introduce an Anti-Inflammatory Diet?

Inflammation is one of the body’s natural immune responses. As long as the body keeps control over these inflammatory cells it is a normal way to fight off infection and recover from injury. Chronic inflammation, however, happens when this swelling does not fully go away. 

It can have quite damaging effects on the body, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and one of the most common autoimmune diseases caused by chronic inflammation, arthritis. 

Thankfully, you can help your body take control of high inflammation levels by making helpful diet and lifestyle choices. Reducing things like smoking and excessive drinking which can increase your risk of inflammation, as well as watching your weight and dietary choices. Now let us talk you through this fantastic anti-inflammatory smoothie recipe and why it is so beneficial.

What’s Great About The Ingredients Of This Recipe?


This stone fruit comes with a wealth of health benefits, which has dubbed it “The King Of Fruits” in various parts of the world. As well as being delicious and juicy, the nutrients found in mango have been shown to boost immunity, improve digestive health, and even enhance eyesight. Just one cup of mango provides almost 70% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C, which not only aids the immune system but also aids iron absorption while supporting growth and repair.

The reason we have added mango to this anti-inflammatory recipe is because of mangiferin, a unique polyphenol found within various parts of the mango plant. Studies have shown that this impressive micronutrient may actually protect the heart’s cells from inflammation, as well as fight oxidative stress which has been linked to various types of cancers.


Another great fruit for reducing oxidative stress is the sweet and succulent pineapple. Oxidative stress is caused when there are too many free radicals in the body. These can cause damage to our body’s cells which have been linked to a weakened immune system and chronic inflammation, as well as various other diseases.

Pineapples are a great addition to your diet that help to combat the negative effects of nasty free radicals. Thanks to their high levels of antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolic acids they make a great addition to your daily smoothie. What makes pineapples extra special is that their antioxidants are bound, which allows them to produce longer-lasting effects on the body.

Anti-Inflammatory Aronia Berry Juice

The Aronia berry, also known as the chokeberry, is another fruit that is high in antioxidants – 4 times more than blueberries in fact! One particular antioxidant found in purple coloured foods is anthocyanin, beneficial for cardiovascular health, cancer prevention and dementia, the Aronia berry is the most potent source of this antioxidant in the superberry line-up.

With regards to reducing inflammation, the Aronia berry has been shown to inhibit the bodies release of pro-inflammatory substances tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-ɑ) and interleukin 6 (IL-6), which may improve immune function. We have used Aronia berry juice in this recipe as it is a great way to incorporate this powerful berry into your diet, and adds a delicious flavour too, but you could substitute this for fresh berries or Aronia berry powder if you prefer.

Coconut Water

If you want to boost your hydration levels then drinking coconut water is a great way to do so. This healthy drink contains high levels of electrolytes that can provide you with energy in a similar way to popular sports drinks. 

On top of this, coconut water shows significant anti-inflammatory properties that can help combat indigestion by easing the inflamed stomach lining. The tannins, a type of polyphenol  also present in coconut water, help to reduce acidity levels within the body, which in turn also reduce inflammation. Coconut water also contains vitamin B6, studies have shown that people with low levels of vitamin B6 have some of the highest levels of chronic inflammation.


This recipe is delicious without the addition of ginger, however if you want it to pack a powerful anti-inflammatory punch then we recommend adding around half an inch or more to your taste. Ginger contains high levels of gingerol, a bioactive compound that makes this spicy plant have so many world renowned medicinal properties.

Gingerol has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which have been shown to particularly benefit people with Oesteoarthritis, indigestion and menstrual cramps. On top of this studies have shown that adding just 2 grams of ginger extract into your diet each day significantly reduces pro-inflammatory signaling molecules. This could potentially reduce the risk of developing cancers of the colon, and possibly the pancreas, liver, breat and ovaries, but further studies are still needed

To Wrap Up

If you are ready to feel the benefits of incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods into your diet, smoothies are a great way to start. The ingredients we have selected come with a host of additional health benefits, but feel free to experiment with other fruits and vegetables to suit your tastebuds. Check out our blog to discover more health-rich foods and recipes that you can try!

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