Benefits of the Aronia Berry regarding Influenza and SARS Virus

Superfruit Aronia strenghtens the Immune System

  • Especially (elderly) people with a weak immune system are the ones which are effected by a stronger course of the disease of Corona (source: Robert-Koch-Institut)
  • In turn, similar to the prevention of influenza, the best protection against the attack from a virus can be done b< strengthening the immune system
  • Aronia holds a record level of dark purple plant pigments which are higher than in any blueberry, cranberry, acai, goji, elderberry or similar superfoods
  • These secondary plant pigments act as antioxidant, they catch free radicals. This way they protect the health of our cells and strenghten the immune system
  • Thanks to the high concentration of anthocyanins and OPC, the intake of 100 ml of Organic Aronia Juice daily is enough to strengthen the resistance
  • The juice should be drunken after eating, possibly diluted 1:2 with a good quality water


Confirmed effects in case of acute flu infections:

1. Effect of Aronia in case of influenza (Influenza A)

2. Effect of Aronia in case of SARS

3. Supporting the immune system

Traditional usage in case of a cold:

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